Wichita County assures residents about taking COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna will soon be available to the public

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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer and the recently FDA approved Moderna will soon be available to the public, but some Wichita County residents are still on the fence on whether taking the vaccines is the right decision for them.

“We have a tool in our tool box so to speak that will help prevent those individuals from getting sick then that’s something that we need to do,” said Lou Kreidler, Wichita County Public Health District Director.

Vaccinations have been used by scientists for centuries to help people fight illness and diseases however, understanding how they work in our bodies can be complicated.

“It gets the message and the message goes to the cell the cell makes the protein and the protein stimulates the immune system and the immune system kills the virus before it can cause disease, said Dr. Robert McBroom, Wichita County Public Health District Medical Director.

Both COVID -19 vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna are still being studied, to find out which individuals are the best candidates for using the vaccines.

“They weren’t tested on children younger than sixteen so neither one of those vaccines are indicated for younger than I believe seventeen,” said Kreidler.

“If you have an individual who is pregnant and who is a health care worker that they would need to discuss that with their obstetrician but they felt that the vaccine was safe and effective,” said Kreidler.

Although some vaccines may cause side effects, health experts say not getting vaccinated can be more dangerous to individuals.

“If you get infected with the virus not only do you get antibodies to that you get antibodies to all the other components of the virus which is part of the reason its so deadly sometime the immune response is worse than the infection itself,” said Dr. McBroom.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine comes in two doses, and those thinking about getting vaccinated should take both doses in order to get the full effect of the shot.

For more information on the Pfizer vaccine or the Moderna visit their website.

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