Wichita Falls bars help customers ring in the New Years safely

Bar owners fell a responsibility to make sure patrons have fun wile being safe

Wichita Falls bars help customers ring in the New Years safely

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Fall bar owners feel a responsibility to make sure guest that celebrate the New Years leave their bars with a smile on their face and the ability to drive home safely.

“I just tell them if I didn’t care about you I wouldn’t even say anything I want to make sure you get home safe I want to make sure you’re okay,” said Stacy Hawkins, owner of The Broken Tap.

The Broken Tap has been a business in Downtown Wichita Falls for six years and have plenty of experience dealing with customers who have had a little too much to drink.

“If they seem unstable when their walking if they have slurred speech if they smell like alcohol or if they’re just sloppy in general so people are just overly happy and loud,” said Hawkins.

The bar’s staff has also had to learn how to get creative when it’s time to tell a guest they’ve reached their alcohol limit.

“Just kind of distract them like where they’re not thinking about drinking as much or you know and then you can kind of slip it in or if they have like friends that are with them you can kind of be like hey no more,” said Derrik Whitney, bartender at The Broken Tap.

The bars have a responsibility of keeping track of how much each customer is drinking, but it’s makes their job that much more difficult when people don’t know their own alcohol tolerance levels.

“If they haven’t gone out they’ve stayed home so when they do get back out they try to go back to drinking at their normal rate that they did before it impacts them a little more their tolerance is not anywhere near where it was before,” said Whitney.

However if someone does become intoxicated The Broken Tap staff will call Uber, take a guest home themselves, and even alert other bars in the area in case someone still tries to get that one last drink that could cost them or someone else their lives.

“We try to take care of everybody sometimes we’ll even give people rides home if we have an employee here hey do you mind running somebody home we don’t mind at all,” said Hawkins.

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