Community remembers Rockin’ Roger

Longtime Midwestern State employee passes

Community remembers Rockin’ Roger

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The life of longtime Midwestern State University employee Rockin’ Roger Hinesh was filled with many ups and downs. For every down, he redeemed himself with an up.

His journey to redemption ultimately ended when he passed over the weekend at Hospice of Wichita Falls

“He was very real ... very real about his redemption,” said Roger’s longtime friend Susan Edwards.

Rogers was put up for adoption immediately after birth and bounced around foster homes before landing at Boystown in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Could you imagine growing up and no one ever touching you, you know, not being held by a parent and just being left in a bed all alone in those beginning years,” said friend and co-author of the book Roger Gary Goldberg. “It did affect him.”

It was around this time when Roger discovered Rock n’ Roll. His passion eventually brought him to Hollywood where he landed a roll in Jail House Rock and danced with Elvis Presley who gave him the livelong nickname, Rockin’ Roger

“The thing you know a year or two ago he was being penalized for now he’s being exalted for,” said Goldberg

When the shine of Hollywood faded, Roger was in and out of jail and became an alcoholic. Goldberg says on one occasion Roger had to look at the phonebook to realize he was at the Trade Winds Motor Hotel in Wichita Falls.

As irony would have it, The Falls would become his home and a starting point for redemption. Roger went on to speak about the dangers of drugs and alcohol while being a janitor at Midwestern State.

“For someone who didn’t have a family, I feel as though Wichita Falls was his family,” said Edwards.

And, while on the road to redemption, Rockin’ Roger continued to live up to his name by DJ’ing for non-profits and volunteering his time.

“I feel that my life was forever enhanced and changed in a positive way by knowing him,” said Goldberg.

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