MSU Texas receives COVID-19 stimulus relief funds for students

The university is expected to receive seven million dollars in stimulus funds

MSU Texas receives COVID-19 stimulus relief funds for students

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Midwestern State University will be able to help even more students complete their education this spring and fall semester with the help of COVID -19 stimulus relief funds.

“When I heard about this Tuesday morning and the amount of possibility in terms of dollars i just thought that this was transformational and was a game changer,” said Beth Reissenweber, Vice President of Administration & Finance at MSU Texas.

In 2020, MSU Texas received four million dollars from the higher education cares fund but this year the institute got a three million dollar increase, and a portion of those funds will be going directly to students.

“We will be needing to match what we paid last year to students and that was 2.2 million dollars,” said Reissenweber.

Both full time and part time students will benefit from this extra money and the university will be getting some help as well.

“That can increase the experience for the students make the educational instruction really robust invest in technology there’s a large gamete of needs for an institution like MSU,” said Reissenweber.

However if students still find themselves short on resources to pay for classes, the Federal Government is making changes to allow more students access to Pell Grants.

“Last year, the Pell Grant was roughly $6,345, this coming year 2021 it will be $6,495 so its about $150 impact,” said Fred Dietz, Vice President of Enrollment Management at MSU Texas.

“I think the estimate is a little over 500,000 families will become more eligible for the program so it’s really great to see,” said Dietz.

For more information on all MSU Texas grants and COVID-19 relief funds, visit their website

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