COVID-19 vaccines are still hard to come by in Wichita county

Health District still waiting to receive more COVID-19 vaccines


United Regional Marketing and Communications Coordinator Patrick Johnston says the hospital will exhaust its supply of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of the week due to high demand.

They will resume scheduling vaccination appointments once the hospital has been sent additional doses. These doses are expected to come within the next few weeks but United Regional has not been given a timeline for their arrival.

Once additional doses arrive, the hospital will work through State prioritized groups by reaching out to eligible individuals in a systematic fashion.

United Regional is not using a waitlist for COVID-19 vaccines at this time.


Large scale vaccination efforts begin this week across the state but for Wichita county, doses are in very limited supply.

Most places are already out of doses and are waiting on the state to send more. In the meantime, issues with the Texas vaccine tracker makes it difficult to see who actually still has the vaccine.

“There is a disconnect from what is on the DSHS website to what the reality is for what providers in our community have,” Lou Kreidler, health director of the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District said.

Kreidler says the state tracker that breaks down what locations have vaccines available has issues that need to be addressed.

“Right now there really is no accurate place for the number of doses that have been giving but I hope in the next few days that we will have those issues resolved and that we will be able to provide that information to the community,” Kreidler said.

Wichita county had no locations on the states week-five vaccine allocation list.

State health officials say more doses are coming, but when that will be exactly and how much? That is all done by the state.

Kreidler says they would like to do large scale vaccinations, but that requires a large amount of doses.

“If we continue to receive smaller allotment, we’ll continue to give those in house here at the health district,” Kreidler said.

Until something changes, supplies in Wichita County will remain low.

“While we have limited availability of vaccine. I just ask for peoples patience and understanding,” Kreidler said.

Wichita county residents can still sign up for the county’s COVID-19 Vaccine Waitlist.

Kreider recommends people sign up online instead of calling the health district directly. That list is now over 4,000 people long.

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