Education center helping with virtual learning for the Deaf

Evermore Learning offers online resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students

Education center offers more than ASL

VERNON, Texas (TNN) - Evermore Learning is a new option Deaf and Hard of Hearing students have when learning online.

“For Deaf students, they historically have always been isolated even in the public school system, especially in rural settings,” said and signed by Erin O’Donnell, co-owner of Evermore Learning.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing children need exposure to language, like American Sign Language. Evermore Learning does more than teach ASL.

“We can provide mentorship, language ASL for families and for the children, and education for these children what they need,” said and signed by O’Donnell.

The education center has students and teachers from all over the world. One teacher has another job at a school in Dallas. She’s noticed people still want to learn during the pandemic.

“After COVID, honestly, it’s just more of the learning. I’ve just noticed that people are just more eager to have great structure when it comes to school and academics,” signed by Renee Phillips, a mentor at Evermore Learning, and translated by an interpreter with Talking Hands.

Resources at Evermore Learning are not just with help in school.

“Everything is kind of a one-stop shop. We have everything right here for them. For parents, for Deaf students, for Hard of Hearing students, for anybody that’s in this culture. We have a lot of stuff available for them,” signed by Phillips and translated by Kendall Sloan with Talking Hands.

Evermore Learning opened in August. While they are new, it’s still a work in progress.

“And we want to be able to switch to a non-profit where we have grants pay for everything. Parents don’t have to worry. They just join the classes,” said and signed by O’Donnell.

The pandemic affected them by switching their focus online. The plan, originally, was to have all in-person classes.

To learn more about Evermore Learning, click here.

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