MSU Texas students head back class for spring semester

The university offers three methods for students to continue education

MSU Texas begins new semester amid COVID-19 pandemic

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Midwestern State University students are back on campus but not everybody will be attending in person this Spring semester.

“I feel excited definitely with everything I need, I still feel overwhelmed, I’m trying to plan and manage everything, manage stress,” said Shontay Tatum, Social Work major MSU Texas.

This Spring semester the university is offering students three different ways to continue working toward getting their degrees.

“So we have face to face we have the true hybrid type of courses which some are face to face some are remotely and then we have courses that are 100 % remote,” said Dr. Keith Lamb, Vice President of Student Affairs.

“We’re going to meet via zoom and then my other ones are already face to face classes so I’m only taking two classes this semester but I have nine hours still,” said Tatum.

“I’m doing a mix so I have some in person classes and some online my art class it’s good to be back but at the same time with the art classes I have like only one class a week instead of two classes a week,” said Jayden Johnson, Art major MSU Texas.

However some MSU Texas students say depending on what your major is, online learning can have it’s disadvantages.

“With my art classes it’s like kind of hard to do things via zoom because it’s art you have to physically make it and it’s kind of hard to follow instruction in that way and get a hold of materials,” said Johnson.

Then there are others that believe hybrid and remote classes will prepare them for dealing with technology in their fields.

“If anything I feel like I get more of a well rounded experience because I get to see the technological aspect of whatever job I’m going to go into,” said Tatum.

This semester the university will began allowing students to attend sporting events, with COVID-19 restrictions, hoping to refuel the fire that burns inside of each and every mustang.

“They seem to learn better in a face to face format it seems that the efforts we’ve made were appreciated,” said Dr. Lamb

To find out more information on MSU Texas Spring semester visit their website.

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