Firefighters prepare for day two of heightened fire chances

Firefighters prepare for day two of heightened fire chances

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Firefighters across Texoma are gearing up for a second day of weather conditions that bring a high risk of wildfires. Parts of Wichita County are even in the extreme danger category.

“What we are facing tomorrow in particular is almost this perfect storm,” Ken Prillaman, Fire Chief of the Wichita Falls Fire Department, said.

1-15 Fire Outlook
1-15 Fire Outlook (Source: KAUZ)

A combination of high winds, low humidity, and lots of fuel, makes the fire outlook going into tomorrow particularly dangerous.

“We’re anticipating it could be a long day tomorrow and we’ll see how long it will takes for this front to push through,” Chief Prillaman said.

The WFFD will have an extra brush truck on standby Friday. That truck will be sent out to any house fire calls just in case embers get blown into a field and ignite.

Weather conditions that could bring winds topping 40 miles per hour are being closely watched.

“When we have these kind of predictions we are looking at the weather sometimes four, five, six times a day,” Chief Prillaman said.

So tomorrow, make fire safety your top priority.

“Definitely no outside burning, welding. If they see anything report it as quick as they can because with these winds it can get away from us pretty quick,” Regan Reser, regional fire coordinator for the Texas A&M Forest Service, said.

The Forest Service suggests avoiding outdoor activities that could cause sparks. Avoid burning trash and if you see something –– like smoke or flames –– say something.

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