VITA prepares for the upcoming tax season

Tax payers can begin filing taxes on Feb. 12, but they are a few changes this year

Stimulus checks and tax season

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The 2020 Tax season begins Feb. 12, but there are a few changes this year that taxpayers need to be aware of before filing their taxes.

“It’s not like there’s a little man going ‘boop here’s your refund, not you, okay’ and so having knowledge is power,” said Genevive Anderson, Program Director of the North Texas Area United Way Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

According to VITA, it’s not uncommon for tax laws to change from year to year, especially when some residents are still waiting to receive their stimulus checks.

“When you come in and you hear your tax person talking about economic impact, stimulus payment, recovery rebate payment, it’ s all the same thing,” said Anderson.

The IRS Get My Payment tool makes it easy for filers to find out which which category they fall into, for their stimulus status.

“The get my payment tool will give you that information, either status one or status two. Status one says ‘we sent you your money,’ status two says ‘we don’t have enough information to send you your money,’ so that means you need to file it on your income tax,” said Anderson.

Other changes that filers should be aware of include anyone having access to an identity protection pin and knowing if you qualify for earned income credit.

“They’ve got the look back that means that I can take your numbers from 2019 and apply them to 2020 for earned income credit only and that will give you a better credit,” said Anderson.

However, tax fraud could cause some delays receiving that money, and no matter what your employment status is you still need to take out taxes for unemployment.

“All these people that received that wonderful $600 a week extra, if they didn’t have taxes taken out they may have a really ugly surprise come tax time,” said Anderson.

According to VITA, following these steps can make tax season easier for not just you, but your tax preparer as well.

“We go over each line and it helps them to understand if they’re willing to learn and listen to what’s going on on the taxes,” said Tricia Penn, volunteer the North Texas Area United Way Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.

For more information on the NTAUW VITA services, visit their website.

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