WF poet continues to follow his dreams despite COVID-19

Antuan Simmons has written and self- published six poetry novels and one online magazine

WF poet continues to follow his dreams despite COVID-19

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - A Wichita Falls poet and author, Antuan Simmons, is determined to continue following his dreams despite COVID-19.

“Let’s mobilize our gifts, let’s find our talents, let’s combine our skills, let’s share our knowledge,” said Simmons.

He has written and self-published six books over the past 22 years and he says he’s always had a passion for words.

“If you want to be a well-spoken person or a well knowing or a 360 round intelligent person, you read books,” said Simmons.

According to Simmons, a decade ago people were more likely to read a traditional book, but now that’s not the case.

“With YouTube and Snapchat it caused a distraction away from reading and writing books,” said Simmons.

However, like many writers determined to survive in their industry, he’s had to evolve with technology and the times to keep his work as relevant as possible.

“I try to post on Facebook my poetry probably once a week so doing poetry readings on Facebook and also meeting with people who are like me,” said Simmons.

Social media has been the perfect platform where the community of Wichita Falls can continue to show their support to writers like Simmons, despite COVID-19.

“He’s actually a very talented poet, I just think it’s really important to get names out there that are working really hard,” said Kylie Shayne, Facebook friend of Simmons.

Simmons says even though times are tough right now his poetry is his life’s work and it’s something he plans to do well into his old age.

“Every time I read that third book, that fourth book, that fifth book it inspires me to write that sixth book, that seventh book, that eighth book,” said Simmons.

To find out more information on Antuan Simmons’s novels, visit his Facebook page.

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