A Day in the Life: Athletic Training

“The less you see us, the better.”
Published: Jan. 20, 2021 at 10:56 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - When you think about your favorite sport, whether it’s watching or playing, one thing most people don’t think about is the preparation your body needs beforehand.

This preparation is not only for the sport itself, but to stay healthy when participating in a physical activity such as college or high school athletics.

That’s just one of the many jobs that an athletic trainer has.

“We are helping kids get through everything,” said Hirschi High School Head Athletic Trainer Brian Deatherage. “One day we may be an athletic trainer the next we may be a psychologist, athletic training has so many arms to it.”

Although athletic trainers are almost always on the sidelines, they aren’t always the ones who get noticed.

“The coolest thing about being an athletic trainer is we’re in the background,” said Deatherage. “We want to be the guys who work behind the scenes, the less you see us, the better.”

Deatherage says if you’re getting in this profession for the limelight, you’re not in it for the right reasons.

A day in the life of an athletic trainer usually starts before everybody else’s and typically throws new things their way each day.

“Every day is a little different, that’s what’s so awesome because one day you’re working on a broken nail one day you’re rehabbing an ACL,” said Deatherage.

From stretching to rehabilitation after an injury, athletic trainers play a bigger role than just wrapping ankles and filling water jugs.

“Pre-practice we do stretching and warming up, but also coming in here getting heat and ice so that you’re taking care of nagging injuries, so they don’t lead into something bigger,” said Deatherage. “It’s easier to fill a hole when it’s small than when it’s gigantic.”

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