MSU Texas students offer mixed reactions to inauguration

Dr. Steve Garrison says new ideas are needed

MSU students react to Biden's inauguration

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - As President Biden officially took office Wednesday in Washington, students at Midwestern State University voiced a number of mixed reactions.

“I felt that we’re moving in the right direction as a country of course,” said MSU Democrats President Luis Serna-Martinez.

On the other hand, MSU Young Conservatives Founding Chairman, AunJelle Irlbeck had a different opinion.

“We’ll be going into the new administration with caution I suppose,” said Irlbeck.

Irlbeck feels that if certain policies created by the Trump administration are done away with, we may feel the effects down the road.

“I think the most frustrating part is just thinking about the future,” said Irlbeck. “So as college students, many of us are going to be graduating into a Biden economy and so there is some cause for concern.”

Martinez sees the transition as an opportunity to find common ground in a year that has divided so many.

“I feel a lot of young people are fond of the idea that we can all work together and find a compromise,” said Martinez.

Regardless of who is in office now, MSU Texas Professor of Political Science Dr. Steve Garrison says young people of both parties will be the ones responsible for the biggest changes in years to come.

“We definitely need some new ideas, new leadership, and the stuff I see in my students, my kids; they’re kind of done with the bickering with each other,” said Dr. Garrison. “We’ve got major problems, let’s solve them and I think that’s what we’re gonna see in the future.”

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