Moms can pass COVID-19 antibodies to newborns through breast milk

Breast milk has a number of benefits to both mom and baby

COVID antibodies in breast milk

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Medical studies that have been reported earlier this month show that moms who are exposed to COVID-19 develop antibodies that can be passed along to their babies through breast feeding.

“I was a breast feeding mom through COVID-19 and it just feels good to know that you are able to hopefully protect them, it can be a very scary time,” said Taylor Offutt, President of North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition.

Breast milk has more benefits than just COVID-19 antibodies, it can also help prevent pre-menopausal breast cancer and cervical cancer for mothers.

However, breastfeeding does have it’s challenges and it may not be for every mother.

“It’s painful for sure, especially the first couple of weeks then maybe lack of support and so not everyone has milk as soon as their baby is born,” said Offutt.

According to The North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition the pandemic has caused mothers to seek more information about breast feeding and while the support of the coalition is still available, it has moved virtual.

For more information on The North Texas Area Breastfeeding Coalition, visit their Facebook.

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