WATCH: Gov. Abbott talks election integrity, broadband internet access, economic growth

Gov. Abbott interview with News Channel 6

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Gov. Greg Abbott talked Thursday with News Channel 6 about the state of COVID-19 in Texas, election integrity, broadband internet access expansion and future economic growth.

“These vaccines are helping but first let’s talk about the cases and the status because it really is fantastic news,” said Gov. Abbott.

Gov. Abbott said Thursday Texas had both the lowest number of hospitalizations and lowest positivity rate since before Christmas.

“There are several things that are leading to these better results,” said Gov. Abbott. “One is because people are following the best practices but the other is because we have accelerated and increased the number of vaccines around the entire state.

The state of Texas was the first state to vaccinate 1 million people and Gov. Abbott said the state is likely to pass 3 million total vaccinations this upcoming weekend.

Gov. Abbott then talked about election integrity, something he prioritized Texas during his State of the State address.

“Before I was governor, I was the Attorney General and I prosecuted voter fraud in Texas,” said Gov. Abbott. “The current Attorney General is prosecuting voter fraud in Texas.”

The governor then shared his concerns about mail-in ballots.

“Even Democrats agree that mail-in ballots is an area that is strong with the potential for fraud,” said Gov. Abbott. “So we want to make sure that everyone has trust and confidence in the validity of elections.”

Gov. Abbott then talked about the importance of because of broadband internet access expansion for businesses and schools.

“There’s two things we will do to achieve it,” said Gov. Abbott. “One, there are some regulatory reforms that need to be achieved to make the process of accomplishing the goal easier. The second is the funding.”

The governor said CARES act funding provided in December as well as the funding likely coming from the Biden Administration over the next few weeks will help Texas provide broadband internet access to everyone in the state.

Gov. Abbott then talked about the future of Texas’ economy.

“Let me tell you something, we are about to have a booming economy in Texas,” said Gov. Abbott. “We have added new jobs for eight months in a row.”

The governor said Texas added 64,000 new jobs in December.

“I know from the projects that are taking place in Texas, that we’re going to have a booming economy, probably growing at a GDP clip faster than five to six percent a year,” said Gov. Abbott.

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