TX representative proposes bill that could change alcohol sales

Bill would extend liquor store hours and allow owners to open on Sundays

TX representative proposes bill that could change alcohol sales

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Texas State Representative Richard Raymond introduced a bill into this year’s legislative session that may change when alcohol beverages can be sold.

“It just doesn’t benefit the stores, we open six days a week already. Our customers are used to those times so they buy what they need for the week in those six days,” said Victor Kocks, Co-owner of Kocks Liquor Beer and Wine.

The proposed bill would extend the hours of liquor stores in the state by allowing businesses to be open on Sundays and to open an hour earlier and close an hour later.

“So what I’m going to be adding on the weekends is just more labor expense, more electricity expense, more gas, all the expenses that come with opening a store up for a day,” said Kocks.

Kocks says Sundays are for families and while most owners would agree with him, others say they wouldn’t mind extra business that the extended hours could bring.

“For a weekend, it’s okay, especially on Friday and Saturday when it’s busy,” said Mavison Tainz, owner of O K Liquor Store. “We’re closed at nine everyday and some people get off at nine so I know if I can open until ten o’clock I think it would make our customers happy to be honest and give me an extra couple hundred or so, every dollar helps.”

Governor Abbott also has plans to allow restaurants to continue serving alcohol to go.

“I think it’s just up to each individual business what they decide to do,” said Vicki Karr, owner of Casa Manana.

According to Karr, she hasn’t seen much profit from the to go services, and she has personal reasons against making those orders permanent.

“Our son was hit by a drunk driver 12 years ago and it basically destroyed his life, it destroyed our family,” said Karr.

Restaurant owners and employees could be held responsible in certain situations, through the Texas Dram Shop Act, if someone walks out their door impaired.

“If you have alcohol in the car that you would be tempted to open it and drink while your driving and I just don’t think it’s a good situation,” said Karr.

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