Athletics, FFA share unlikely commonalities

Athletics, FFA share unlikely commonalities

Archer County, Texas (TNN) - For several Texoma student-athletes, their morning starts with the sun.

No, it’s not because they have an early practice, it’s to take care of the animals.

”Feed em’ every morning and night,with my dads help,” Archer City senior Delaini Hanna said. “I kind of grew up around it with my sister being able to do it and then my uncle had sheep after he raised goats for a long time so I’ve kind of just been around it for forever.”

But not every story is like hers, Holliday’s Mackenzie Terry wanted a new hobby when she started high school.

”My freshman year, I just wanted to start something new,” Terry said. “See what else was out there.”

No matter how they found the ag world, there are several reasons it has turned from a hobby into a passion.

”Just the opportunities you get through the FFA,” Holliday’s Taylor Gillit said. “There’s a lot of scholarships available, a lot of traveling you get to do. It’s really fun too, just with all the teams you get to partake in.”

But showing is just part of who they are.

These student-athletes, like many, are diverse in their interests and have found a love in two things: sports and FFA.

”You learn many skills that you can use in your every day life,” Terry said. “I can also put them in my softball practices and games and everything.”

”Definitely just the leadership aspect of it,” Gillit said. “We do so many leadership camps and events and trainings and that has helped me in softball and I think that is going to help me in my future.”

”You have to definitely be a leader, do things you don’t want to do,” Hanna said. “Go to practices when you feel gloomy, wake up and work with sheep or wake up early and leave to go to a show or tournament.

“It all kind of translates, leadership and hard work and dedication.”

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