MSU Texas one step closer to COVID-19 vaccinations for students and staff

University purchased vaccine storage equipment and data tracking systems in preparation for shots

MSU Texas taking steps to get COVID vaccines

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Midwestern State University is taking all the necessary steps to make sure they can be next in line to receive COVID-19 vaccines this Spring semester.

“The state has several requirements and hurdles and infrastructure logistical things that we have to meet and we’ve been working with them since October,” said Dr. Keith Williamson, Medical Director at Midwestern State University.

The university has used funds set aside for COVID-19 to buy proper equipment needed to administer vaccines on campus, this includes vaccine storage equipment and a data tracking system.

“We are getting delivered, yet to be delivered a vaccine freezer and when that is up and running and it’s got it’s digital data logger. We have to go in and show calibrations certificates and serial numbers and make sure everything matches,” said Dr. Williamson.

Once those requirements are met and recognized by The Texas Department of Health Services, MSU Texas will be one step closer to receiving Pfizer or Moderna doses for students and staff members.

“Our healthcare students all qualify by being in healthcare. We have a substantial number of people on campus who are working still that are over 65 and then we have many people who are above 40, 50 that have chronic medical conditions and some students as well,” said Dr. Williamson.

Some nursing students say while they don’t speak for all students on campus, they are happy to do their part and encourage others not to be afraid of getting a shot when they become available.

“As nursing students, it’s very important for us to be the first people to step up amongst our peers and say we’re going to get this vaccine because in order to protect you, we have to protect ourselves,” said Hope Holguin, nursing student at MSU Texas.

“This was done in a year and it’s new technology, it’s something that’s never been done before and that’s why we have to actually put our trust in it because that’s the only thing that’s going to actually stop this pandemic that’s happening right now,” said Reese Yoder, nursing student at MSU Texas.

Dr. Williamson says the vaccine freezer is expected to be delivered by next week and he hopes to have shots on campus by March or April.

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