Former WF teacher continues to help students through tutoring business

Helping those who may need help learning virtually, in person or with learning disabilities

WF former teacher continues to help students through tutoring business

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The COVID-19 pandemic may be causing many school kids to struggle in the classrooms, but a former Wichita Falls Independent School District teacher, Amy Janjgava, is doing her part to help, one student at a time.

“The thing that gets me pumping is kids and getting to work with kids and finding a way to overcome whatever going on,” said Amy Janjgava, owner of Decode Learning Hub Inc.

Despite having an autoimmune disease, Janjgava has decided to follow her dreams by opening up a tutoring program, all while making extra safety measures to keep herself and her students safe.

“We all have individual stations and so every single one of their materials, their pencils, everything that they use is their own so we’re not sharing or confusing anything. Each kid will come in and get their materials and sit in their spot,” said Janjgava.

Janjgava can tutor kids to better understand reading and spelling, but her specialty is working with those who have dyslexia.

“It’s common enough to where there’s a lot more kiddos out there and I tell my students they’re the blessed ones that have been identified. It’s the ones that are sitting back and they’re quiet and they’re struggling,” said Janjgava.

According to some education experts, one in five students can suffer from a dyslexia learning disability.

“Dyslexia is a brain disorder that they’re born with. They may not hear the sounds, they are very much auditory learners, very intellectual, they’re just kind of missing a piece to the puzzle,” said Andriea Wagonner, academic language therapist.

Those missing pieces can be found not only at school but at home and through tutoring services, like Janjgava’s, to get the best educational outcome possible for students.

“I’d go toe to toe with anybody when it comes to commitment to your kid because when you bring your child and we have made an agreement to partner together they’re like flesh and blood for me,” said Janjgava.

Janjgava hopes to teach her students not just learning tools but to build confidence that can be carried into the classrooms and throughout life.

To find out more information on Decode Learning Hub Inc., visit their Facebook page.

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