Wichita Falls shelters offer refuge for homeless during freezing temperatures

Faith Mission and The Salvation Army see an increase in those needing shelter from the cold

Homeless find refuge in shelters

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls Faith Mission and The Salvation Army of Wichita Falls has seen an increase in the the homeless needing a warm place to stay, especially as temperatures remain dangerously cold.

“No we’re not going to turn anybody away we have mats we can put on the floor, we’ve never had to do that before but we’re always prepared for it if we have to,” said Steve Sparks, Wichita Falls Faith Mission CEO.

According to Wichita Falls Faith Mission, the shelters’ occupancy has almost double since earlier this week.

“We have to eat in shifts, we have to move the beds further a part, so if we get anymore men and women than we already have right now then it’s going to get a little more challenging,” said Sparks.

The Salvation Army of Wichita Falls has also begun creating ways to keep those in need out of the cold, until its shelter opens in the evenings.

“We have opened up a warming station, people can come in and stay warm, have a snack, and a cup of coffee,” said Sergeant Toby Romack, Core Administrator The Salvation Army of Wichita Falls.

However, both shelters say while they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure no one is left in the cold, their number one concern is COVID-19.

“Our warming station we’ve set it up in our day room, it’s a big area, we’re maintaining social distancing, and everybody’s wearing masks,” said Romack.

The facilities say they need donations of blankets, coats, and socks. Which can be drop off directly to the shelters and giving out to those who need them.

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