City of WF prepares equipment for weekend storm

The city has been working with fleet maintenance to make sure equipment they will be using to clear streets are in tip top shape

City of WF plans for weekend winter storm

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The City of Wichita Falls Public Works Department assures residents, city workers are ready to tackle bad weekend weather conditions.

“The equipment has a lot of moving parts especially with hydraulics and so forth so with the temperatures getting really really low we’ve worked with our maintenance guys on having the additive fuel to make sure that the equipment continues to run in the cold,” said Teresa Rose, Deputy Director City of Wichita Falls Public Works.

City officials have been working with fleet maintenance for the past several days ,to make sure equipment used to clear streets are in good working condition.

“We look like we could be potentially going twenty four seven for four or five days definitely going to be needed to bring the equipment in do maintenance on the equipment to get it back out,” said Rose.

The Wichita Falls water services have also taken extra steps to keep their equipment is ready and their facilities accessible to workers.

“As far as the clearing of the road and the gates and everything opening so we’ve also charged our radio systems in case the phone systems go down so we can maintain our communications,” said Daniel Nix, Utility Operations Manager City of Wichita Falls.

However the real work for crews starts later next week, when frozen pipes begin to unthaw.

“Those will remain frozen until things start to warm up and start to thaw and so we’ll start to see main leaks and we’ll start to see leaks on service lines,” said Nix.

There are some tips you can do at home, to prevent pipes from freezing.

“Cabinets open up the doors so the warmer air in the room can circulate there and the worst case scenario let the faucet drip,” said Nix.

However if you do have a water leak ,immediately call the city. So they can do an emergency meter shut off and prevent water from flowing into your home.

To find out more information on The City of Wichita Falls Public works Department visit their website.

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