Mayor Santellana talks power outages, city plan

Mayor Santellana talks power outages, city emergency plan

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana talked Tuesday about the ongoing power outages and the city’s plan moving forward.

Mayor Santellana shared his concerns about city services and water before talking about coordinating with nonprofits and shelters.

“We want to make sure our citizens have running water, we want to make sure our sewer plants are running. We have a ton infrastructure that’s being affected by this weather event and we have a responsibility to make sure we keep those plants up and running,” said Mayor Santellana.

READ: The City of Wichita Falls will be opening a temporary relief station at the MPEC for those without power and/or water service.

The mayor said the city wasn’t going to set up a warming station themselves at first, but then the other stations were starting to reach capacity.

“We thought maybe we’d pull some of our resources together, using some of the local nonprofits, churches, shelters, city of Wichita falls, county,” said Mayor Santellana. “I think if we all kind of hold ourselves together, I think we can get everybody through this event.”

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