WF plans for warming center if residents continue to see freezing temps, blackouts

City of WF talks emergency plan

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The City of Wichita Falls Emergency Management Team spent the entire day planning how to help residents experiencing rolling blackouts and power outages.

“One of the big discussion today has been a concern over setting up a center only to those who lose the power,” said Ken Prillaman, Wichita Falls Fire Chief.

The city has plans in place to create a warming station for residents to keep themselves warm and charge phones.

However, the warming station will be located at the MPEC, which doesn’t have a backup generator and can lose power.

“It’s also very common for all types of facilities both private and public to have that backup power so it’s been one of the complicated factor,” said Prillaman.

The city of Wichita Falls, as well as Wichita County, also have concerns about opening a warming station because of COVID-19 and if residents will be able to get to them because of road conditions.

“People, they haven’t had a chance to shovel their driveways or sidewalks. TxDOT has done a really good job taking care of the major thoroughfares but there’s still some side streets that haven’t been cleaned up,” said Woody Gossom, Wichita County Judge.

The city says if we do continue to see more snow and blackouts, the emergency management team will be ready to put the warming station plans in motion.

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