ERCOT assures residents they are working hard to restore energy

Over three million people across Texas remain without power

ERCOT assures residents they are working hard to restore energy

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The Electric Reliability Council of Texas held a press conference Tuesday to discuss the challenges they are facing in order to restore power to millions of residents across Texas.

“The amount of time that people in Texas have had to be out of service or electricity during a time of extreme cold is, it’s terrible, it’s unacceptable,” said Bill Magness, ERCOT CEO.

According to ERCOT, the biggest challenge has been keeping the electric grid supported, which has experienced a shortage of it’s own power sources caused by the storm.

“16,000 mega watts of that is wind turbines that are offline because of icing in west Texas primarily but also along the coast there we’ve got a little under 30,000 mega watts of more thermal generation,” said Dan Woodfin, ERCOT Senior Director of Systems Operations.

ERCOT data has shown that when the electric grid loses energy sources, the amount of energy created has to be cut down to prevent damage to the grid itself or cause blackouts that could last for months.

ERCOT has restored 4,000 mega watts but it is up to power companies to allocate energy to Texans.

“They know their areas better, they know what’s better for their population. We just need them to commit to bringing us back to the network, mega watts we need to keep the grid in balance,” said Magness.

ERCOT says they will continue to focus their efforts on making sure everyone’s power is restored.

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