Residents try to stay warm while waiting for power to return

Thousands of people in Wichita County are without power for another day
Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 7:49 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - There are thousands of electric customers without power in Wichita County with some experiencing rolling blackouts.

Some residents are staying in their home and waiting on their power to come back.

“I can start thinking about tonight being the same way cutting back off with this weather still the way it is. I’m pretty sure it’s going to probably do the same thing and boy, four or five blankets just don’t do enough,” said Earl Neal, resident without power.

Layers of clothes and blankets are providing some warmth but it’s not always enough. People are spending hours in their cars.

“I feel sorry for the homeless people. I’m starting to feel how they feel. Even though I have a house, I started to think to myself ‘did I pay my electric bill?’ and I know I have,” said Kirsten Stephens, resident without power.

Stephens is going on day two without power at her home. Tuesday she brought her family to stay at her aunt’s.

These residents say they feel this is something they didn’t think they would have to experience.

Earl Neal and his wife, Cora Neal, say they first lost power at 5 a.m. Monday with it coming back twelve hours later. Early Tuesday morning their power cut back off and returned around 11 a.m. While it returned, the Neal’s expect it to cut back off.

Power has also been on and off again for Joyce Sherwood. Sherwood says she hasn’t eaten much while she hasn’t had power majority of the time and that this experience is a difficult one to get through.

“It took forever for the electric when it came back on. It took forever for it to heat up in here with it being off like that,” said Sherwood.

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