WF City Hope Church opens it’s doors to residents without power

The church can help 300 residents get hot meals and warm place to sleep

WF City Hope Church opens it’s doors to residents without power

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls City Hope has opened it’s doors to residents still without power, a warm place to bring their families.

‘I’m disabled and it’s really hard,” said Jimmy Andrews, Wichita Falls resident.

The church decided to provide a temporarily shelter to seventy residents. After a Facebook posts showed several people had lost power after Sunday’s storm.

“First thing we did was check to see if we could get a generator here for backup. It had a flat tire and we drug it seven miles to get it here, because we said we’re not stopping. So we get here and we have power,” said Ben Murray, Pastor of Wichita Falls City Hope Church.

They have received helped from churches in the Wichita Falls community and the city, after water pipes burst at the MPEC. Now Wichita Falls City Hope and Wichita Falls Evangel church to became the two main locations for overnight shelter.

“The national guard comes in with that partnership with the city, they were able to negotiate some humvees and so they showed up help transport people,” said Murray.

Residents staying in the shelter should rest easier knowing they have full bellies , a bed to sleep in ,and a safe place to bring their families.

“It was so cold in my apartment I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer,” said Andrews.

“Make sure the kids felt welcome gave them toys food as well, “said Kazia Dever, Wichita Falls resident.

City Hope Church says they plan to stay open, as long as families continue to be in need of a warm place to go.

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