Wichita County Commissioner releases statement regarding drunk driving crash

Wichita County Commissioner releases statement regarding drunk driving crash
Wichita County Commissioner Jeff Watts (Source: Wichita County)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - *A statement from Wichita County Commissioner Jeff Watts*

From: Jeff Watts, Wichita County Commissioner, Precinct 4 To: Wichita County Residents

In my 60 years, I have come to realize that there are two ways to confront mistakes in life: 1) to delay, not accept responsibility, and deny; or 2) to take personal responsibility and ask those offended for forgiveness. As a both a Christian and a conservative, I know the latter is the most appropriate way.

Last week, I made a serious error in judgment and I have been given the opportunity to do the right thing - even though it is not easy. On Thursday evening, I got in my truck after having consumed alcohol. No one should ever drink alcohol and get behind the wheel. As I was driving, I hit a patch of ice and slid off the road into a ditch. I am fortunate that I was not hurt, but deeply grateful to a merciful God that no one else was hurt or injured.

At the hospital, after initially refusing a blood draw, a warrant to draw my blood was ordered. The results will not be in for weeks or maybe months. While I do not know what the result will be, I will not wait, as I am taking full responsibility for my actions right now. Whether or not I was over the legal limit that evening, the fact remains the same: No one should ever drink and operate a motor vehicle.

As Commissioner, my responsibility is to all Wichita County residents. I have let you down, and I now ask for your forgiveness. I have asked for forgiveness from my family. Most importantly I have asked God for His forgiveness. Now, I must forgive myself for my serious error in judgment… which is proving to be the hardest thing of all.

I am making this statement against the advice of my counsel. I know that immediate personal responsibility is required to be right with all of those that I have offended. Additionally, I was not taken to jail last Thursday since I was still under observation at the hospital. To that end, the Department of Public Safety has been notified and I will turn myself in at their request.

I have made a promise to myself, my family, and now you, that I will never drink and drive again. My goal is to re-earn the trust you have placed in me and to stand up and accept responsibility for my actions.

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