City of WF waiving emergency water cutoff fees

City of WF waiving emergency water cutoff fees
The City of Wichita Falls has temporarily suspended water disconnections. (Source: kauz)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The city of Wichita Falls announced Monday they will be waiving all permit fees for plumbing, water and gas repairs for work related to recent winter weather and sub-freezing temperatures until further notice.

City officials also said the Utility Collections department has not, and currently is not, cutting off customer’s water for non-payment as of Feb. 11. They’re also not charging for emergency water cutoffs due to winter storm damage.

“We understand many of our residents and businesses are facing difficult situations as a result of last week’s winter storm,” said Darron Leiker, City Manager. “We made these decisions in an effort to relieve some of the financial burden for those who are dealing with repairs, clean-up and possibly a loss of water.”

Customers who have experienced a water leak are encouraged to call the Utility Collections department at (940) 761-7414 to determine the appropriate documentation needed to potentially have their winter-months-average sewer charge adjusted.

Water cutoffs will reportedly resume on March 1.

*From the city of Wichita Falls*

The Building Inspections Division reminds residents and business owners that a State and locally licensed plumbing contractor is required for all residential and commercial gas repairs. All commercial projects also require a licensed plumbing contractor to perform any water/wastewater repairs. Homeowners are allowed to perform their own water/wastewater repairs for their home.

Additionally, most repairs beyond the water cutoff (i.e. inside of walls and under the home) require a plumbing permit. Permits for most residential repairs and many commercial repairs can be issued over the phone at (940) 761-7459, via email at or fax at (940) 761-7461. Local contractors with non-residential permits can also submit plumbing permits via the City’s online portal for licensed contractors. A list of plumbing contractors licensed with the City is available online at

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