Snow storm leaves lingering problems for Texoma roads

Snow storm leaves lingering problems for Texoma roads
Snow storm leaves lingering problems for Texoma roads (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Potholes, they are the enemy of everyone and because of the snow and ice from last week, drivers could be seeing a lot more of them.

Snow melting then turning to ice when temperatures drop back below freezing causes the pavement to break apart.

“It freezes and then since ice expands it pops and breaks up the pavement, creating a pothole,” Adele Lewis with the Texas Department of Transportation said.

It’s one way that goes to show just how powerful water can be.

“It’s going to get into each and every little crack just like it would on a windshield and if it freezes, it can actually cause more fractures,” Garrett James, KAUZ News morning meteorologist, said.

Luckily though, TxDOT highways around Wichita Falls use a special type of pavement which has voids in it, that gives ice room to expand without causing havoc.

“We see a lot less damage with the snow and ice on those types of pavements however all bets are off with this much snow and ice,” Lewis said.

With how last week’s storm played out, the two rounds of snow and multiple days of temperatures getting above 32 degrees afterwards, Texoma saw many slick spots where snow refroze.

“It happened probably four or five times due to it melting and refreezing,” James said.

So now, TxDOT crews are repairing what damage they are already seeing. Lewis says more potholes could pop up soon. The thing is, damage can only get repaired if it can be found. This is why TxDOT is asking everyone to keep an eye out for new bumps in the road and report them.

Damage can be reported on the TxDOT website by clicking here.

Lewis says the more people looking out for these issues, the faster they can be fixed.

“We can see what’s reported to us or what we see with our own eyes and so with more eyes on the roads, especially on those lesser traveled roads like the FM’s that we are not running down, that’s a great place for people to be reporting them in,” Lewis said.

Any issues with city or county roads should be reported to the agencies who service them.

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