WFISD teachers get first COVID vaccine dose ahead of spring break

WFISD teachers get first COVID vaccine dose ahead of spring break

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - On Friday, the Wichita Falls ISD vaccinated hundreds of its teachers just over a week after the Texas Department of State Health Services moved them to the front of the line.

It’s something teachers of all ages said feels like a step in the right direction.

“It’s here and I’m glad,” Meredith West, a substitute teacher for the district, said.

“I’m really happy for this,” Jane Ramirez, a math teacher at Rider High School, said, “and also for my fellow teachers that are younger than I am that can have the opportunity.”

With 250 Moderna doses ready to go, teacher after teacher turned their paperwork over to a nurse and got a shot in the arm.

“I was glad to get in line and get the shot,” Ramirez said.

For Ramirez, today was about a chance to finally see her mom again...

“My mother is in assisted living and I haven’t been able to go see her for a year and a half,” she said, " I was happy to be able to get this one as soon as possible and get fully vaccinated before summer starts.”

When West was asked to describe how she’s feeling: “the word I just keep coming back to is excitement. There definitely feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now, for sure.”

Both women said they were most looking forward to one thing: normalcy

“It feels good that we’re hopefully going to be getting back to normal sooner rather than later,” West said.

“The sooner we get everybody vaccinated the sooner we can get back to some kind of normal,” Ramirez added.

West said getting a vaccine feels like the best way to cap off a historic school year.

“The past year has just been really tough on teachers so it’s nice knowing that we’re going to get out of this and we’re taking that first step today,” She said.

“Just to kind of get back to where it was a year ago before this all started,” Ramirez said.

Everyone who was vaccinated on Friday will meet at the Career Education Center again at the same time on April 9 for their second dose.

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