Residents get vaccinated outside Wichita County

Bowie and Graham both open up vaccines to anyone who wanted a COVID-19 shot

Residents get vaccinated outside of Wichita County

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Residents in Wichita County still are waiting to set up appointments for COVID-19 vaccines, but others have decided to go elsewhere to get theirs.

The city of Graham held a vaccination hub last Friday and Bowie held theirs on Tuesday, and another one coming on Wednesday. According to officials from both cities, they received more vaccinations than they would have been able to use, so it was a no-brainer to open up to anyone who wanted a shot.

“Our purpose is to distribute the vaccine to as many people who can have it, we want everyone to stay as healthy as possible,” said Sharon Milliard, Chief Medical Officer Graham Regional Hospital.

Last week, the city of Graham had 1,600 Moderna vaccines to be giving out to anyone 18 and over; 900 of those came from Clay County.

“That county had actually already maximized their capabilities and so you get permission from the state and they transfer it to you,” said Milliard.

City officials thought they could put those un-used doses to good use and they did this by thinking beyond city limits.

“Our goal was the teachers but when we found out we’re not going to have 900 teachers to utilize it for, then we opened it up for the public,” said Milliard.

Bowie’s Emergency Management Coordinator was able to get support from the state to provide Pfizer shots to those 18 and older.

“The county itself has about 19,000 plus residents so 1,100 was a fairly good number for the county but a lot of the northern part of the county had received them in the Nocona area. So, 1,000 shots for the City of Bowie, that was a large number of shots,” said Gaylynn Burris, Mayor of Bowie, Texas.

While they are happy to distribute shots today, they know there is someone else who needs them more.

“I’d like them to take those shots and make them available to people in the communities that aren’t getting them. Our community has had an opportunity of an lifetime between today and tomorrow to get those shots if they want them,” said Burris.

Both Graham and bowie officials said people from Oklahoma, Dallas and even Houston made the trip to get vaccinated.

Out of the 1,100 shots Bowie had, they used about 420 on Tuesday and have 475 signed up for Wednesday.

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