Homeless are eligible to receive $1400 stimulus check

Millions of Americans are waiting to see checks deposited into their accounts but it can help those that are homeless get back on their feet

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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Millions of Americans wait to see when those $1400 stimulus checks will be deposited into their accounts. However it can also be available to those that are homeless and it can help get them back on their feet.

‘I went and got me a motel room for a month that’s $600. I went to the pawn shop took care of business there and I got my dog’s vet business taken care of ,”said Robert Russel James, homeless resident Wichita Falls.

James says his stimulus check hit his account Wednesday morning. It paid for shelter for him and his dog Loudie, and a one-way bus ticket back home.

“I haven’t been able to work you know and we’ll I had been sleeping in a tent ,”said James.

He was able to get his check through filing with H&R Block last year, but for someone living on the streets it’s not as easy.

“A lot of them don’t have any identification. So because of that they’re just like well I don’t have any ID there’s nothing I can do about it. I just don’t get it ,” said Michael Hawkins, Program Leader at Wichita Falls Faith Mission.

Hawkins now works at the shelter but was also on the streets just five months ago, has helped those like him get their taxes done.

“Somebody heard it from him and the next thing you know it went all across the building. I’ve done ten now so far,” said Hawkins.

Mission staff has also helped get lost ID’ s back and they say all you need to know to get that check is your social security number.

“It will ask you do you have a W2, do you want to work on your W2. Or do you want to wait until later to work on your W2. If you don’t have one you simply just click the box I don’t have a W2,” said Hawkins.

Faith Mission will even allow those staying to use their address ,so they know exactly where their money is coming.

“When they get their check we ask them to allow us to keep it for them. So that they’re not tempted to spend it on the wrong things and also so they can save it. So that they have some money to pay for rent deposits or buy a car, whenever they do graduate from the program,” said Steve Sparks, Executive Director of Wichita Falls Faith Mission.

The IRS has extended the tax deadline from April to mid May. Giving everyone plenty of time to get their paperwork in and receive funds that everyone is entitled to.

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