MSU Texas still waiting on vaccines

University officials say between equipment delays and still being on the state’s waiting list getting vaccines has take longer than expected

MSU Texas still waiting on vaccines
The university says between equipment delays and being on the state's waiting lists getting vaccines has taken longer than expected (Source: kauz)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Midwestern State University faculty and students continue to wait on vaccines. Between equipment delays and still being on the state waiting list, the university is in the exact same boat it was in a month ago.

“The Federal Government is frustrated that they can’t get delivered more vaccines. The states is frustrated that they can’t get more into the hands of people like me,” said Dr. Keith Williamson, Medical Director Vinson Health Center.

The health center staff say getting vaccines it is not a one and done process, emails and the state’s waiting list must be monitored each week.

“You have to order vaccines by Thursday evening at 5 p.m. on week one. Then week two you wait until the end of the week to find out if they’re going to deliver any of the vaccines to you on week three,” said Dr. WIilliamson.

The university will have three days before vaccines will arrive on campus and they say they know what to do with them. They just have to get them first.

“We’ll take that lists an identify campus community members by their identity number here on campus, their id number. Then we’ll put those at the top of the lists to ensure our ongoing function. Then we’ll bring in people like alumni graduates and that’s a big hunk of the population and anybody else,” said Dr. Williamson.

While some students have already gotten their shots, others say they will wait on the university sets up their clinic.

“It being right here is awesome because a lot of our students live on campus. So you know that will be great for them to just walk over here and get their vaccine,” said Sumaith Alam, Senior MSU Texas.

“With decisions like these, especially vaccinations that’s an injection in your body, it definitely would give me more time. I think that maybe by the time it’s available I’ll probably have come to a decision,” said Thalia Doe, a junior at MSU Texas.

Dr. Williamson says they are still waiting on a freezer that was suppose to be here last month, that should arrive at the end of next month. With that he hopes to have everyone vaccinated before summer break.

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