City of Wichita Falls begins 2021 strategic planning

2021 strategic planning begins

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The city of Wichita Falls kicked off its strategic planning workshop Tuesday morning, outlining what they want to accomplish in the next two years.

Starting off the morning, city leadership got an overview of what’s been accomplished in the previous two years. Various projects were completed in economic development, downtown and public works.

Afterwards, a large part of the day was spent working through what must happen next in terms of planning, to update the city’s goals and objectives.

“I hope that at the end of day one it gets everyone thinking and it gets the juices flowing again on what we are going to have our strategic plan look like,” Stephen Santellana, the Wichita Falls Mayor, said.

Every two years, the city of Wichita Falls works to create a strategic plan. This is the third time the city has done this.

“Staff sits down with council, we roll up our sleeves, we talk about goals and objectives, things that are going well, things that aren’t going well,” Darron Leiker, the Wichita Falls city manager, said.

The city’s current objectives are to accelerate economic growth, provide adequate infrastructure, redevelop the downtown, better deliver city services, and actively engage and inform the public. Leiker describes this as the city’s roadmap going forward.

“A strategic plan is something that we can work on every day and make sure whether it’s a budged, whether it’s an infrastructure project that we bring forth, that it ties back to that strategic plan,” Leiker said.

This meeting allowed the city to talk though what plans have gone well, what didn’t meet expectations, and the lessons learned along the way. One lesson learned, Mayor Santellana says, is you can never be too prepared and flexible. Santellana adds that was the key to getting the city through the pandemic and recent snow storm.

“The way we thought we were going to run the city, sometimes it changes, sometimes it takes a pandemic or a huge snow event or something of that nature to make you rethink yourself and how you are going to effectively govern the citizens of Wichita Falls. I think we will take these lessons learned and we’ll apply them to the next two years,” Santellana said.

Day two of strategic planning starts back up Tuesday morning. In the upcoming weeks, the city council will eventually adopt the new strategic plan which will be formed by what is accomplished at these work sessions.

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