WF City Council weighs in on Lake Ringgold

City Council weighs in on Lake Ringgold

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Quality infrastructure. That’s one of the main goals for the city of Wichita Falls following a strategic planning workshop.

Advancing the Ringgold Reservoir Project ranked third on that list behind upgrading public facilities and completing signature public improvements.

The actual development of the lake will take decades and many of the city’s leaders want to get the ball rolling now to avoid the repercussions that waiting may cause, which includes the possibility of Sheppard Air Force Base leaving the Falls.

“I mean Sheppard leaves, this town dries up,” said Stephen Santellana, Wichita Falls mayor. “You know they wanna know ‘what are you doing to secure future water.’ I think it’s incumbent upon us, we have to tell them ‘hey we’re still pressing for the Lake Ringgold project. We’re still putting a million dollars away. We’re going forward with the permits.’ Although this is a long term plan, this is something that we’re doing that’s responsible that we’re doing here at council.”

The 2021 Air Force Installation Energy Strategy says that not having the right amount of water could severely impact missions at Sheppard to the point where the only choice would be to move.

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