Aspiring athlete overcomes obstacles through mentorship

One basketball player in Wichita Falls has dreams of making it to the big leagues

Aspiring athlete overcomes obstacles through mentorship

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - A basketball player in Wichita Falls has dreams of making it to the big leagues.

However, to make those dreams a reality he needs the support of his community.

The sound of a basketball hitting a wood floor is a sound Lousious Aitchison knows all too well, ever since he was old enough to pick up a ball at the tender age of three.

“It satisfies me to be around my friends. Going out there, having fun and doing what I like to do,” said Aitchison.

Not so little anymore, Aitchison is 13, stands at 6′4 and has dreams that are just a big as he is.

“I want to go to the NBA. That’s really what my main goal is. However, what I’m really focusing on now is making it past seventh and eighth grade. Then going into high school, passing high school and graduating college,” said Aitchison.

As she cheers from the stands, his grandmother has been his biggest supporter, dunk after dunk .

“We adopted him when he was 10 months old,” said LaGail Weaver, Aitchison’s Grandmother .

Like the 3 million other cases reported every year in the U.S., Aitchison has ADHD, which can be difficult for others to understand.

“I’m terrified sometimes because when he leaves and he’s upset, I don’t know how the next person is going to react to that,” said Weaver.

One person that does understand is Ronnie Williams, who works with kids every single day and knows how important it is to have positive role models.

“We can do more hands-on with the individual and guide them and try to let them set goals,” said Williams, Youth Director at the All Hands Cultural Community Center.

That can help kids like Aitchinson nurture skills that can be used on and off the court.

“A young man at that age that’s able to run and move the way he’s moving so early, if we get our hands on him, I think he has the possibility to make in basketball,” said Williams.

“He knows what he’s doing. He knows what drills to put you through and I think he’s a really cool dude just to work out with,” said Aitchinson.

The NBA may just be a dream right now but it’s one Lousious and Williams feel is not out of reach.

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