Military kids honored during Sheppard AFB Elementary’s “Month of the Military Kid”

Military kids honored during Sheppard AFB Elementary’s “Month of the Military Kid”

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - April is the month of the military kid and military bases across the nation bring attention to the challenges and honor those living on base right alongside their parents.

Some of the students at Sheppard Elementary School have lived on base their whole lives, while others have moved constantly.

For sixth-grader Colton Pummill, living on base isn’t all that bad.

“It’s really fun because most of my friends are on base so we always get to hang out,” he said.

Like many kids at the elementary school, Wichita Falls hasn’t been his permanent home.

“So I was born in Florida; then from Florida to San Antonio, Texas; and then from San Antonio to Wichita; and then Wichita to here,” Pummill explained.

All that movement brings about some conflicting feelings.

“It’s quite sad you know because I always have to leave friends, and then come here and make new friends,” he said, “so it’s fun because I get to see new places but it’s also sad at the same time.”

So for principal Cindy Waddell, she said her goal in life now is to make the time these kids spend at Sheppard Elementary memorable.

“My purpose now is to make great memories for the kids while they’re here and also to connect to them and be a family to them while their families are so far away,” she said, “so I’m a Mimi at school and I’m a Mimi at home, too.”

On Wednesday base commanders went classroom to classroom hearing from students about their experiences as military kids.

“So they kind of have a better understanding of what it means to serve their country because their parents are right there in it,” Waddell said.

All of the students were asked to draw a picture of something they love about being a military kid. Those pictures will be shown off all over the base for the rest of April.

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