Texoma school districts react to STAAR Test problems

Electra and Vernon ISD have to reschedule STAAR testing for students unable to take it

Districts react to STAAR test problems

TEXOMA, Texas (TNN) - School districts in Vernon and Electra continue to react to the Texas Education Agency STAAR Testing; some students were suppose to take their tests online on April 6.

“TEA hold school districts accountable for a test on one day and we get an A-F rating as a school district based on those testing scores. Well I believe EBTS got an F on their A-F rating yesterday,” said Jeff Byrd, Superintendent Vernon ISD.

Vernon ISD had 350 students who were unable to take the TEA STAAR test because of technical difficulties. These tests now have to be rescheduled by districts across Texas.

“We set our UIL calendar and our district calendar around testing. So we strategically planned on not doing anything on Tuesday,” said Byrd.

Over the next few years, the TEA says eventually all of the state’s testing will be moved online. With a district that has 1,900 students, Vernon administrators say it’s something they would prefer, as long as it works.

“The district counselor and the district testing coordinator, they have to box those up. They have to account for all of them, and they have to mark everyone of them. We have to keep them in a locked and secure place, it’s an overwhelming amount of work,” said Byrd.

Some districts like Electra ISD only have 500 students, but only six were testing online.

“We felt that there’s a whole lot of moving parts on that online test and as we found out yesterday, there’s still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out,” said Ted West, Electra ISD Superintendent .

The TEA has left deciding whether or not certain students should test online or on paper up to the school districts. However, Electra ISD officials say they prefer the old fashion way.

“Some of us small schools, we may not have the technology capabilities that some of the other school districts have. For instance, on windy days we have power interruptions and that can really disrupt something as important as this STAAR testing,” said West.

Vernon ISD is rescheduling tests for April 13 and Electra ISD is also rescheduling STAAR testing for students sometime next week.

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