Texas Workforce Commission sees increase in unemployment insurance fraud

Texas Workforce Commission sees increase in unemployment insurance fraud
Texas Workforce Commission (Source: TWC)

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The Texas Workforce Commission is seeing an increase in unemployment insurance fraud.

Three out of 45 employees of the East Texas Crisis Center have been victims of unemployment insurance fraud, according to Executive Administrator Judy Drewry. Jeremy Flowers is one of them. He is their special event coordinator and has been with the center for 15 years. Flowers said he found out one day at work.

“Judy just opened the mail and was like, ‘Hey Jeremy, did you know you’re filing for unemployment benefits today?’ I’m like, ‘well, no, that’s a huge surprise,’” Flowers said.

Drewry has helped respond to the claims. The first case came in late December when the individual received a letter to her home.

“Within a day or so we got the official notice from the Texas Workforce Commission as the employer, and it’s our responsibility to respond to that. So we did, and they did deny the claim,” she said. “But had she not taken action, our great fear was that claims might be paid to someone who was perpetrating the fraud. It’d be charged against her social security number and she would be shown as having gotten income she didn’t get.”

Flowers said he felt surprised and insecure knowing someone else had access to his personal information.

“I was surprised, and it makes you feel insecure, because you wonder, how did they get this information? How did they have access to the information and what can they do with the information?” Flowers said.

Drewry said they do not know how the information became compromised. Both Flowers and Drewry want to warn others about this and to be mindful of where you have your information.

“We’ve just all got to be careful. What we say, where we say it, what we put in writing, who we give it to. Make sure that it’s protected,” Drewry said.

After they help the employee, Drewry said it’s that person’s responsibility to reach out to the credit bureau and any other institutions that they do business with to make sure no one is using their information.

For more information about from the Texas Workforce Commission you can visit, https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/TXWC/bulletins/2cc70bb

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