Helicopter hog hunting brings veterans together

Veterans participate in helicopter hog hunt

TRUSCOTT, Texas (TNN) - For 24 years, friendship was something Master Sgt. Frank Scott experienced on a daily basis during his time in the Marines.

“Whether it’s 120 degrees, whether it’s raining, or your 3 feet deep in snow, it’s just shared misery makes high morale and that will make some of the best people in your life,” Scott said.

Although his time back home hasn’t always been easy, Scott was offered that feeling of overwhelming friendship again on Friday at the 7th Annual Big Country Veteran’s Heli Hog Hunt along with 24 other servicemen.

“Everything here is extremely humbling, for lack of a better term,” Scott said.

The humbling may have come from being alongside men like Justin Menchaca, a former Special Forces Green Beret who was shot in the head in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan. Menchaca was given a 20% chance to live after undergoing surgery to save him, yet now, he’s already back walking, talking and even flying out helicopters once again.

“I was just happy just flying, shooting, and just having a blast,” Menchaca said.

Big Country Veterans works to bring people like Scott and Menchaca together to help them through the challenges that life after the service presents.

“It’s a release,” Scott said.

While the men will go their separate ways at the end of this weekend, the memories of coming together will live on.

“Friendships are just the bedrock of the military. It’s just the people that you meet along the way, it’s what makes it worth it,” Scott said.

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