Explainer: Why not all neighborhoods in WF have sidewalks

Public Works explains why sidewalks end

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Something you might not think about everyday is why some neighborhoods in Wichita Falls have sidewalks and some don’t. Turns out there’s a reason why.

Usually a sidewalk goes in at the same time an area is developed but there are some exceptions.

If someone is developing a house on a lot where the majority of the other houses don’t have sidewalks, that new home doesn’t need a sidewalk either.

“There are people that will ask, I mean the questions come up, why is there a sidewalk here and there’s not a sidewalk there, a lot of times it’s just kind of is one of those ‘it depends,’” said Teresa Rose, deputy director of WF Public Works. “Sometimes we don’t even know for sure, depending on when the area was developed, what may have been required, but we’re not going to go back and have them install a sidewalk if it wasn’t required at the time they either built their house or built their development.”

To be more friendly to pedestrians, Wichita Falls has been able to get a public safety grant that lets the city go into places without any sidewalks and work with the property owner to get one installed.

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