Biden proposes funeral relief for victims of COVID-19

Spouses and families could be eligible for 9,000 of funeral & burial reimbursement funds

Biden proposes funeral relief for victims of COVID-19

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - President Biden is proposing that families who have lost loved ones from COVID-19 may be eligible for funeral cost reimbursements from FEMA.

In January we sat down with Donna Blair. She said she and her husband Paul both had COVID-19 and while Donna survived, unfortunately her husband did not. While no amount of money can bring back the love of her life, those funds could help ease the financial burdens she faces everyday.

“I got up to go make me some coffee and there’s water just pouring out from underneath the sink and I’m just standing in the kitchen going no this is not happening to me. Then I was yelling to Paul I need you to fix this house,” said Blair.

Busted pipes and a new roof are just some of the major repairs Donna Blair has been left with after her husband passed last December. She is one out of half a million Americans that have had to say goodbye to a loved one that now could receive $9,000 of FEMA funeral and burial reimbursement funds.

“It was just very stressful on my part and then trying to get the insurance policy hurried up so I can pay the funeral home and pay my sister nothing was working,” said Blair.

It costs a pretty penny to give families their perfect farewell homecoming.

“For a traditional burial, you’re looking for anywhere from eight to ten thousand or higher depending on what you purchase and then cremation anywhere from about fifteen hundred to five,” said Lynn Dutton, Location Manager at the Hampton Vaughan Crestview Funeral Home & Memorial Park and Dutton Funeral Home.

So far, Dutton says they’ve already had two families reaching out for help with the FEMA for burial assistance.

“They’ve been getting additional documentation from the funeral home perhaps another copy of the death certificate or another copy of their contract. Maybe they misplaced their copy or something just so they have an itemize statement that they can send to FEMA,” said Dutton.

Blair still has long lasting COVID effects like headaches, dizziness and trouble sleeping, even after recovery, but nothing will ever be as painful as losing Paul.

“I was just hoping that Paul and I would have more time even though we’ve been married, it’s going on 15 years but it just seems like it wasn’t really that long,” said Blair.

Blair said she will be looking into the FEMA Burial and Funeral Assistance program and Home Depot in Wichita Falls, where her husband worked before he passed, gave her a brand new stove. Coworkers and friends have also given her donations to help with any more expenses she may have.

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