Frustration continues for residents off Old Windthorst Road

Flooding plagues cross streets of Ireland and Perigo

Frustration continues for residents off Old Windthorst Road

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Year after year, when severe weather hits the Falls, residents near the cross streets of Perigo and Ireland brace for the return of what they call “Lake Perigo.”

“I really thought there would be some type of drainage down there, but there is nothing down there at all. No sewer, no way for it to runoff, nothing,” resident Michael Traynor said.

As rain comes down, the street fills up with water, leaving residents searching for solutions.

“What they need to do is run some sort of a pipe over to the creek that’s just down the street,” resident Dennis Rivard said.

News Channel Six covered the situation six months ago and residents say the city did come out with a machine to suck up all the water shortly after, but since then, nothing.

“I’ve never seen anyone down there aside from when you came out here six or eight months ago, and nothing has been done since then,” Traynor said.

Rivard has lived near the cross streets since 1980 and says at one point the city had a plan to alleviate the problem, but because of budget cuts, it never came to fruition. Most residents like Rivard say they’ve lost all hope to see the problem fixed.

“It’s our money basically that funds all the street repairs and everything like that, but there are other issues I’m sure,” Rivard said.

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