Confederate statue remains in front of City Hall

3.416 signatures needed in order for petition to reach city council agenda

Confederate statue remains in front of City Hall

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - After several months worth of pleas to take it down, confederate monument “Sons of Our Southland” remains on the grounds of city hall in Wichita Falls.

The rally around a monument that had many residents in Wichita Fall up in arms last July has since gone quiet. Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana says the ink on petition documents has since dried and city council is now waiting on those who want this monument removed to do their part.

“They can do a initiative referendum or a petition to get the signatures in order to almost like force council to put that on the agenda but we haven’t seen that yet,” said Santellana.

The city clerk’s office said they did receive one phone call weeks ago wanting an update on the statue, however no one has yet to pick up petition documents.

“They have to go ahead and come up with some clear language and get a petition. Then get those signatures and get them signatures verified,” said Santellana.

The petition must have 3,416 signatures, and all of those individuals must be registered voters. It must also include the voters’ registration number, residential address and the date of the signing.

“It didn’t really press forward last time because I think for us we wanted to make sure we got it right and if it’s just a group of five or 10 or 15 people that wants anything done, that’s not really speaking for the majority. That’s why you can go through this process and it can be voted on,” said Santellana.

Residents coming in and out of memorial auditorium doors said they would be willing to sign the petition other say they choose to look at the bigger picture.

“It’s one of those things that we really shouldn’t be fighting about because there’s more important stuff in the world that we should be focused on instead of a piece of stone,” Dean Williams, Wichita Falls resident.

However, if it is moved they feel a museum is the best place for it.

“One thing I was taught about history is you learn it so you don’t repeat it, what you see around the world right now is history repeating itself and that’s what we’re trying not to do is repeat hate. We’re trying to get passed that,” said Williams.

We reached out to a member of the Black Lives Matter group for a comment but we have yet to hear back on when they plan on picking up that petition paperwork.

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