Loco for Cinco Festival Back in Downtown WF

Perfect way to residents to support local Hispanic businesses and learn the culture

Loco for Cinco Festival Back in Downtown WF

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The Loco for Cinco Festival made it’s comeback today in Downtown Wichita Falls after a long awaited pause last year because of COVID-19.

This is the 2nd Annual Loco for Cinco event to help support local Hispanic businesses and donating to a great cause.

“I saw that they were benefiting the MAVA and so it’s nice for everybody to see our culture. I’m a Mexican so it’s nice for everybody to kind of enjoy that, like eating the tacos, the drinks and enjoying the music,” said Jackie Quintana, resident Wichita Falls.

Travis street in downtown Wichita Falls was lined with over 30 different vendors selling authentic Mexican dishes, trinkets, even live entertainment. Giving residents a chance to come out for a bit of fun and help raise money for an organization some may have never heard of ,Mava.

“They are the Mexican American Veterans Association and so it just gives them an opportunity to kind of get out there and into the community. Honestly they already do so much in our community anyways so we’re just excited to team up with them,” said Alicia Duran, Event Sponsor Loco for Cinco.

Portions of the proceeds from today ‘s festival help MAVA continue to help, honor, and remember those that have fought for our country.

“Some of them feel like nobody cares. I say well we do. That’s why I stay with this organization because I know how it is as a veteran,” said Frank De Luna.

However vendors say for them selling elote and carne tacos is their way of sharing Mexican history with everyone, no matter what color you skin is.

It’s just street vendor food from Mexico and different regions do it differently. So everyone’s going to say oh that’s not how I cook it but it’s really just about sharing your part of the culture and your part of the flavor with the community,” said Mario Ramirez.

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