Oklahoma City mom in desperate need to find missing son

Mother says she hasn’t held or kissed her son since Christmas

Oklahoma City mom in desperate need to find missing son

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - A Oklahoma City mother has been searching the streets of Wichita Falls since Monday for her seven year old son.

“I just need my baby to come home at this point. Elijah needs to be at home and he needs to be in school. It’s just a lot of things but my biggest fear is his safety and who he’s with,” said Amanda Morrisey, mother of Elijah Williams.

Morrisey says she hasn’t kissed or held her son Elijah Keshawn Williams since she dropped him off on Dec 26 to spend Christmas break with his father, Mister Jerome Lee Williams. However when she came to pick up Elijah in Jan she says his dad wouldn’t let him leave.

“I came up here Jan 7 to get him and his dad was like no. Then The Wichita Falls Police Department let me know it was a civil case at that time and that I needed to go back home and go through the courts,” said Morrisey.

That same month she was contacted by Child Protective Services but after months of dead ends ,Morrisey filed a missing child report on April 26. On the same day the WFPD began checking homes and addresses where Elijah could possibly be located.

“The officers go over there and knock on the door and say this is why we’re here, is he here. Then they’ll say no and they’ll say would you mind if we look around. If the answer is no then they’ll go through and do a wellness check,” said Sergeant Charlie Eipper, Public Information Officer Wichita Falls Police Department.

Elijah’s father Mister Jerome Lee Williams is facing four charges of child endangerment involving Elijah’s other siblings. While his mother has been allowed to do one facetime call a weeks ago, Morrisey says what she saw makes her even more scared for her child.

“He had a black eye, he had bumps on his face and he looked scared,” said Morrisey.

According to WFPD since Mister Williams is a resident of Texas the case has been classified as a civil matter, leaving Morrisey to take actions through the Oklahoma court system.

“I’m sure he knows that I’m going to continue to search for my son. He knows that I’m going to go hard until I can go home and when I do go home my son will be with me,” said Morrisey.

Morrisey spent the day along with her family putting up missing child posters of Elijah in stores and neighborhoods where his father lives. If anyone recognizes Elijah they should call 9-1-1 or (405)-862-0335.

Mister Jerome Lee Williams was released on bond from the Wichita County Jail on April 30.

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