News Channel 6 City Guide: Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning

Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning is a premiere sports development gym located in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Published: May. 7, 2021 at 10:04 AM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The News Channel 6 City Guide is a segment that shines a spotlight on local businesses, events, and nonprofits across Texoma. In this episode, we’re giving you a look inside Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning. It’s a premiere sports development gym that helps athletes of all ages.

“Endunamoo is a sports performance and development facility for all kinds of high school athletes or strength sport athletes,” Drew Hill, owner and director of performance said. “We work on doing all the kinds of things you need to be [at] the top of your game while being resilient and building confidence in kids at all levels.”

Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning offers group setting training as well as one-on-one sessions. Depending on the time of the year, they also offer sports-specific group classes. The ages and skill levels of athletes are broken up into different groups.

The youth development group is children ages seven to eleven. There is an intermediate age group which has children ages eleven to 14. Then there is the elite level program with high school and collegiate athletes. Endunamoo also offers a pre-professional development course for athletes ages 22 and up that are getting ready for a career in sports post-high education.

Chad Davis is a parent of a middle school athlete that has been coming to Endunamoo for the last two and a half years. When a family friend suggested Chad put his son Heston into the program, he was hesitant.

“We finally decided to give it a try and Heston loved it,” Davis said. “He’s wanting to put the work in. He loves coming here. I can tell any parent that if your kid has the motivation to want to get better that this is a good option for them. I really feel like we’re blessed in this community to have Drew and what Endunamoo offers. It’s not something you’re going to see results in a month down the road, or maybe even two months. But if you stick with it, you’ll start to see improvements in your child’s performance.”

It’s a service Hill and his staff enjoys offering to young athletes in this area.

“My favorite part is getting to be a part of these kids’ process. I really love the idea of having the plan but letting them kind of be leaders in their own ways. Endunamoo actually means to be given strength, so, to be filled with strength. It’s our job, we think, to gives these kids strength that they can carry with them and do amazing things. So, whether that be confidence, developing skill or athleticism, goal setting. Whatever those things are, we just want to be a part of that process,” Hill said.

To find out more about Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning is located at 2651 Central E Fwy in Wichita Falls. If you would like your business, event, or nonprofit featured on the News Channel 6 City Guide, contact us at or (940) 757-0691.

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