Hometown Pride Tour: Horton Classic Car Museum

Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 9:23 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - On the next stop of our Hometown Pride Tour, we spotlighted the Horton Classic Car Museum in Nocona. Ebonee Coleman had the story of a place that continues to bring smiles and fond memories to everyone who visits.

“Nocona is a hidden treasure, but the classic car museum is really a hidden treasure,” said Cheryl Johnson, interim director of the Nocona Chamber of Commerce.

Walking into the Horton Classic Car Museum, it looked like a car dealership showroom where you can find makes and models from Chevrolet to Ford around every corner.

“The oldest is going to be from like a 34 Ford Roadster up to a 2015 model Hellcat,” said Billy Dean Dobbs, museum curator.

Making sure this collection of 125 cars stays in pristine condition was something Dobbs said is a daily job.

“We go through and wipe the cars and we have drip pans underneath the old cars, they still leak a little, we clean all of those,” said Dobbs.

Dobbs said the museum attracts people from all over the country, including those who will be coming through town for The Great Race.

“We have tons of car clubs that come into town just to come to the Horton Classic Car Museum and that promotes our town,” said Johnson.

“We’re just so thankful that they are coming here and choose to come through Nocona, it’s a great addition for all of us here,” said Dobbs.

Seeing cars that bring back childhood memories of laughter, family road trips, and imagination was just icing on the cake.

“They can tell you stories of cars that they had like these and it brings back lot of happiness and the younger generation that comes in, it’s parts of history that they never even thought about,” said Dobbs.

As for Dobbs, who could tell you anything you could ever want to know about any of the cars that sit on display at the museum, he said his favorites are the Packards.

“To see one of these cars like this that’s handmade and be in such perfect condition is unbelievable,” said Dobbs.

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