WF Citizen’s Academy visits Cypress Water Plant

The city’s has two treatment plants that pump out over 5 billion gallons of water a year
Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 10:55 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls Citizen’s Academy took a trip to the Cypress Water Treatment Facility on Tuesday, where water, something families use every single day, is treated for us all.

Water is used to bathe, even to prepare the meals we feed our families and while it’s something we may not think much about, the Cypress Water Treatment Facility thinks about it every day. Students in the Citizen’s Academy were able to voice concerns about how and why it’s so important our water continues to be safe.

“We drink water everyday. So how is it processed? How safe is it? Why does sometimes it tastes better than other times,” said Wayne DeJnak, student in the Wichita Falls Citizen’s Academy.

Questions that were answered by public works experts during Tuesday’s class.

“We’re the group of people that are behind the scenes. We make sure the water is safe to drink and deliver it to people’s homes and businesses everyday. When they’re through with the water, we’re the organization inside the city that carries that waste water away and treats it back into the environment.” said Russel Schreiber, Director of Wichita Falls Public Works Department.

The department has 300 employees spread across seven different divisions.

“We’re the guys that pick up the trash, fix the streets, do the engineering work inside the city,” said Schreiber.

Between the city’s two treatment plants, at Cypress and Jasper, they pump out over five billion gallons of water a year.

“We have an extensive distribution system. It’s well maintained, we do testing on that distribution system daily to ensure that the water quality is safe and reliable for the folks of Wichita Falls.” said Schreiber.

And making sure those folks that call Wichita Falls home are able to have to confidence in their city to continue bringing them fresh drinking water, so disasters like what happened in Flint, Michigan doesn’t happen here.

“That’s what happened in Michigan and the people that maintain that water system up there dropped the ball and lost control of the situation of their water system,” said Schreiber.

Students will have only one more class left in the academy. Next Tuesday, they will be taking a tour of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, Parks and Recreation and the City Library, before they can officially graduate.

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