WF Backdoor Theatre spotlight returns with ‘Calvin Berger’ performance

After several hardships forced them to shut their doors over a year ago
Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 11:33 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls Backdoor Theatre is ready to see their spotlights shine once again with new “Calvin Berger’ performance.

The staff at the Backdoor Theatre were first hit with COVID-19, then a water mane that burst and flooded a stage and main lobby. Which caused those doors to remain closed and while they are not at 100 percent they are ready to get those empty seats filled once again.

Last March the Wichita Falls Backdoor Theatre was right in the middle of their stage performance of ‘Oliver’ when the pandemic forced doors to close. Then a flood in July brought in four feet of water to the building’s lower floors left a hefty renovation cost of $300,000.

“Where the pipe broke the water line busted under the kitchen and the dinner theatre was the first spot it went to. So 80 gallons of water a minute rolled into the theatre and once that got filled up it moved to our main stage lobby,” said Jessica Wood Business Director of The Backdoor Theatre.

Demolition and repair work that just began a month ago but other projects that may take a little more time and more money.

“For the dinner stage itself it’s just in demo phase right now. So whenever we get the main stage lobby done and once we get the okay from the Texas Historic Commission then we can start with more work on the dinner stage. We have our mainstage lobby which is probably around 60 percent completed and we will have sheetrock up and everything by the time our show opens next weekend,” said Wood.

However no matter what the show must go on for the youth that have spent months in rehearsals and the audiences that come to be entertained.

“Tickets have been on sale for a couple of months and we are definitely seeing a slow ticket sales because of the pandemic. Ticket sales is part of what makes theatre. So it’s very important it makes up a little less than half our annual budget. So getting butts in seats is very important but we’re still ready to just make and create art,” said Carter Wallace Artistic Director of The Backdoor Theatre.

The show opens On July 9th - 17th. The theatre will still be using different venues to host their improv shows until that dinner stage is completely finished. Backdoor Theatre staff say that isn’t expected to happen until sometime next year.

For more information on The Backdoor Theatre visit their website.

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