Burkburnett High School receives special Zoom call from First Lady Jill Biden

Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 7:09 PM CDT
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BURKBURNETT, Texas (KAUZ) - First Lady Jill Biden made a special appearance on Zoom to Burkburnett High School on Wednesday where she announced the winner of an award.

An accomplishment that the whole city was proud of, Burkburnett High School finished top three in the United States for Military Child Education Coalition’s Student 2 Student Team of the Year. Although they did not get first, the parents and faculty of these students could not be more proud.

“I could not ask for better students,” Nicketta Osborn, Student to Student Sponsor, said. “They are just beyond amazing.”

Burkburnett High School received a nomination they would never forget: their S2S program helps kids who have moved to Burkburnett so they can feel welcomed and involved immediately.

“When they arrive, we match them up with another student who had like interest,” Osborn said. “Like let’s say if two guys like football then I would call one of my S2S students that played football and would say ‘hey you want to walk this new student around.’”

“Our main goal is to help military students and even just new students be welcomed into our school so that they can find a basis of where their friends might be and what their schedule looks like so they are not too overwhelmed,” student Dora Martinez said.

First Lady Jill Biden delivered a speech over Zoom saying how proud she was of the schools nominated. The students were in awe.

“I can’t believe it happened,” Martinez said. “When Mrs. Osborn told us and let us know we were nominated I was just like ‘what really.’”

Osborn said they moved a lot being a military family, and some of her children were not able to be involved with a program like this.

”Having Gracie in it now, she is our youngest child,” Osborn said. “It is so awesome because she gets to help welcome new students where her brothers and sisters did not get that opportunity.”

The program has had a tremendous impact not only on the students but the faculty and school as a whole.

“I think just doing that and impacting other children’s lives, it was really inspiring,” Martinez said.

“We are so lucky to be a part of Burkburnett Independent School District, not only for the leaders but the students too,” Osborn said. “They make this club happen. Without them we would not be able to do it. I am so thankful and proud of them.”

Osborn said everyone sees the fun and results of this program, but the hard work and countless hours that people don’t see are the reason they were top three in the nation.

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